Video Portfolio of lead videographer Amanda Castillo

New tunes coming soon!


Starring Suspended guitar/vocalist Amanda Castillo and drummer Channing Concho.

Filmed at Green Castle Media

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Impaled Offering – Agony of Rebirth trailer


Starring 3/4 of Impaled Offering

Filmed at the Impaled Offering jam space in ABQ.

Ken Padilla – Guitar

Ben Segura – Drums

Luis Dominguez- Bass

Check out Impaled Offering’s facebook page.

Endorsements: Cruelty Cabs.



Suspended shot glass commercial.


Starring Suspended drummer Channing Concho and Bassist Jessica Rae Armstrong.

Filmed at Green Castle Media.

Shot glasses available for purchase in the Suspended online store.


Amanda Castillo – LTD Arrow 401 Demo


Starring Suspended guitarist Amanda Castillo.

Filmed at Green Castle Media.

Endorsements: ESP Guitars.



Amanda Castillo – Short Bio